Family and Senior Portrait Photography


Portrait photography is all about the people in the photos, and we know that. That’s why our photos capture you at your best, with a fun (not stiff or forced) process that allows us to get at the spirit of the subject and portray them as they want to be portrayed. We’ll shoot precious family photos you’ll look at for decades, or senior photos your child is excited about putting in their high school yearbook. Plus, we offer flat-rate photography, meaning that shooting and editing is all included in one package. 

Boston Family Portrait Photographer

When you think of “family photo,” what comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of everyone wearing matching outfits and smiling in unison on a beach, right? Don’t get us wrong — that picture is cute — but everyone has it. The families are different, but the picture is the same. 

With us as your family portrait photographer, you’ll get something a little bit different. At Mind On Photography, we dig deeper to capture the unique spirit of your family and each person’s distinct personality. No forcing the kids into stiff poses or having everyone say “cheeeeeese.” We bring you and your loved ones closer with a fun, more natural process and the art of photography. 

While we’re based in Boston and Cape Cod, we’d love to accompany you anywhere you want to be! We’ll come to the beach or your backyard, an urban or country setting — whatever suits your family best. Let’s work together, think outside the box, and capture photos your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Senior Portrait Photography

This isn’t just any old kind of photoshoot, it’s senior portrait photography Mind On-style! That means sticking to “staged candids” by capturing your child’s unique nature as they head into one of the most exciting phases of life. No cliche, awkward poses here, just genuine photos that are fun to take and look great. As always, shooting and editing are all included in one flat rate. 

Artistic and Creative Portraits

We do all kinds of creative portraiture that is hard to categorize or put into packages. If you are interested in a photoshoot beyond the bounds of what we’ve mentioned here, we encourage you to take a look at our Photography Is Art section and contact us to discuss the details.


Our Featured Work

See for yourself how our portraits vary — it’s all about what you and your family bring to the shoot!