The happiest ever engaged couple enjoying ice cream; photo by couple's photographer Ivan Djikaev / Mind On Photography


Engagement & Couples Photography


Love is love is love, and we love shooting love stories! Engagement and couples photography is our signature genre, because it gives us creative freedom and an opportunity to make magic. Setting up an artistic couple photoshoot and creating engagement photos that wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue magazine is what we do! Whether you’re in the greater Boston area, New York City or beyond, we’re excited to work with you to tell your love story.


An Engagement Shoot IS NOT a pre-Wedding Shoot!

In fact, it can have nothing to do with your wedding photos. This is our chance to focus on the two of you when no one else is around. It’s about documenting your love and how you express it in artistic engagement photos. Not sure what we mean? Have a look at some of the shots we’ve taken in the past (just scroll down) and start daydreaming about your ideal couple photoshoot. Let’s find a concept or make one up together! 



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There are important differences between wedding photography and couple photoshoots. Wedding photography is really event photography, with the couple at the center of it all. Weddings have flow and action, with a getting ready process, a ceremony, group and couple portraits, first dance and celebrations. An engagement or a couples shoot is by definition a shoot that allows for more freedom, more time to to play and create photos that stand out and express your essence as a couple. These couple photoshoots are an intimate way of exploring who you are as individuals and as a couple, expressing an intimate, artistic conversation between the two of you.


Our "Staged Candid" Couple Photoshoot Style

Experience our "staged candid" approach while shooting with us and we’ll bring out your inner haute couture model. It’s not your job to pose or be someone else — it’s the photographer’s job to bring out the best while letting you be yourself!


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