Artistic and creative photo of a newly married same sex couple. Wedding photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography. Cape Cod
Artistic photo of a first dance of African American couple. Wedding photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography. Boston
Stylish couple posing silly in Central Park in NYC. Engagement photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography.
Gay couple celebrating their marriage with two guests. Elopement photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography. New England
Engaged couple on a Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. Couple's photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography
Stylish couple in South Boston. Engagement photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography
Bouquet throwing, Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Wedding photographer Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography
Elopement at Providence Public Library, RI. Wedding photography by Ivan Djikaev/Mind On Photography


Mind On Photography:

A Premier Photography Studio Based in Boston

Being a Top Wedding Photographer in Boston Means:

Photos that reflect the unique story. Whether you want a destination wedding, an intimate civil ceremony in Boston, a low-key celebration in the backyard on Cape Cod, or a 500-guest extravaganza at a Rhode Island mansion, Mind On Photography has got you covered.

Professional photography that’s a creative process, not just documentary shoot. Nearly anyone can take a photo, but not everyone has the skills needed to capture the essence of your celebration. Our photographers bring years of professional fashion photography experience, a deep understanding of art and art history to your special day.

An amazing wedding photography experience, whether that’s in the Greater Boston area, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New York City, or beyond! 

Good, old-fashioned fun! What’s the point of documenting your big day if you can’t enjoy the process, too?


Get Inspired

by some of Mind On Photography's best work:


Our Professional Photography Style: Staged Candids

What do we mean by “staged candid”? Nothing posed, rigid, or forced — just the most artistic and elegant version of the moment, instead of a cookie-cutter approach to wedding photography. 

Let’s work together to choose your wedding photo style  — whether that’s bohemian, romantic, artistic, or dreamy, we’ll make it happen! All the photography and editing is included in one flat rate package. 

The possibilities are endless!


Get to Know This Wedding Photographer in Boston

And learn about what sets our creative process apart:


The international award winning photographer, Ivan Djikaev, takes his experience from being a European fashion photographer and incorporates it into different genres. 



We are into the real story. No forced poses or fake smiles, no awkwardness, just stylish photos of the genuine you. Did we mention that the essential part is having fun in the process?



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Boho wedding dress and other wedding decorations hanging on a barn wall